Applying makeup to and removing makeup from sensitive skin

A few simple rules to preserve healthy skin

Sensitive skin can suffer more exposed from harsh, external agents, thus foundation can be a valuable ally to preserve its health because of the protective barrier it provides.

Sensitive skin reacts more strongly to external stimuli, generally because of changes to the skin barrier function which make skin more exposed to potential irritants.
Hence, sensitive skin is skin with very fragile defences. Typically, sensitive skin occurs more in the female population.

If your skin is sensitive but you wish to put makeup on, it is very important to follow a few basic rules because makeup may turn into a problem for your skin, especially in relation to a number of components it contains and possibly to the low quality of the makeup itself.

The 10 basic rules to make up the sensitive skin

The most important rule is to choose makeup products specifically developed for sensitive and intolerant skin, that is made with ingredients that are carefully selected and accurately checked.

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Before applying makeup:

  1. cleanse skin: applying makeup over impurities or makeup residue from the previous day can increase the risk of a reaction. Properly cleansing skin requires to pick a product that suits your skin type and the way you prefer cleansing your skin, for instance like a rinse-off cream cleanser or a cleansing water.
  2. Applying a "makeup base": the base can be a moisturiser or a treatment to strengthen skin's defences, depending on how much skin is fragilised. To even out skin, minimising pores and imperfections, and improve makeup hold, it may be useful to apply a primer dabbing with your fingertip until completely absorbed.



  1. apply a concealer: with your fingers or with the help of a brush suitable to cover imperfections or hide dark circles while giving an illuminating effect
  2. then apply the foundation: in a broad, circular motion from the middle of the face and outwards, making sure to blend the product onto the jawline. Foundation is truly complementary to one’s daily treatment cream: applied to the entire face, and especially if it contains moisturising and protective ingredients, also to protect from UV rays, it forms a "shield" over skin that blocks out pollutants, thus foundation is a very useful cosmetic for sensitive skin, which is typically more vulnerable to harsh environmental agents. After undergoing beauty salon aesthetic treatments like laser, peels and pulsed light, a foundation with high sun protection is recommended
  3. finish off face makeup: by applying face powder to mattify skin and set foundation, bronzing powder for a "sun-kissed skin effect " and / or some blush for a touch of color on the cheeks and cheekbones.


If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, it is best to choose products tested specifically for sesnitive eyes, which is shown on the label by the claim "ophthalmologically tested".

  1. give more intensity to the eyes: based on the effect and intensity you wish to obtain, you can combine the eye pencil, which can also be used in the inner lashline and blended on the eyelid, and the various colours of eyeshadow (fair, medium, dark)
  2. emphasize the eyes: use the eyeliner to draw a thin line on the inner lashline and a thicker one on the outer lashline
  3. make your eyes stand out: apply mascara after choosing whether to give volume with a fake-lash effect or shape them with a lengthening and curling effect.


  1. enhance the mouth: apply lipstick after choosing the effect you want from it, either semi-transparent or a full-colour, intense effect. The lipstick is considered by many as  the one, must-wear makeup product and, like foundation for the face, it can be a precious ally to keep healthy lips. Lips have a very thin stratum corneum, thus their defences are reduced to a minimum and they are very prone to dryness and cracking. Thanks to the waxes oils and butters it is made of, lipstick provides protection, besides colour. Applying the lip pencil before allows better precision in applying lipstick and will extend its hold, while lip gloss will make it shiny
  2. if you use brushes, it is important to wash them at least once a month with a mild detergent, this being important to both preserve healthy skin and keep the bristles of the brush soft and efficient for longer.

Removing makeup from sensitive skin

Though it might seem that the makeup effect has vanished already when we approach the end of our day, it is important to remove makeup anyway. With sensitive skin, it is even more important to avoid that impurities caught by makeup throughout the day remain in contact with skin.

To remove makeup from sensitive skin, it is better to choose mild cleansers, which are lowly-foaming if they are to be rinsed off or, alternatively, cleansers that do not require to be rinsed off with water.
A traditional kind of cleanser that is always very valid is a creamy lotion that work by "emulsifying" makeup residue without the need to rub. After the cleanser, always use a toner to complete cleansing and refresh skin. In case of hypersensitive skin, a very mild cleanser is required, such as a cleansing water for hypersensitive skin. If your skin is combination or oily, you can use a cleansing gel that cleanses skin and also helps to normalise excess sebum.

Remove eye makeup with a specific eye makeup remover, which is more suitable to remove the resistant and waterproof makeup.

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All BioNike products of the TRIDERM, DEFENCE and PROXERA ranges are developed to reduce the risks of intolerance and are suitable for sensitive skin. Such products are, in fact nickel-tested, preservatives-free, perfume-free (or having an allergen-free perfume), gluten-free and manufactured ​​with carefully selected and controlled ingredients.

In any case, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist and/or dermatologist, who will be able to recommend what is best for your skin.

Did you know it?

BioNike makeup is developed including carefully selected ingredients and, especially, using very pure pigments, with the aim of achieving formulations that are very well tolerated by skin, yet without sacrificing colour performance and by meeting all the latest fashion trends.
The DEFENCE COLOR makeup products by BioNike are developed to be highly tolerated by sensitive skin and, besides not containing preservatives, perfume and gluten, are also nickel-, chromium- and cobalt-tested *.

This is part of our allergen-free philosophy.

* Also residual nickel, chromium and cobalt content can trigger sensitisation and allergic reactions, especially in allergy-prone individuals. Hence, each product has been developed in a manner that minimises these heavy metals and tested according to European Directive nr. 94/27 /EC.

A comprehensive makeup range designed for sensitive skin that offers treatment, light and colour: BioNike DEFENCE COLOR.