The detoxifying moisturisation that defends your skin.

Every day, factors such as pollution, UV rays, but also having bad habits and a busy lifestyle can greatly impact on skin and STRESS it.

Skin stress is caused by an excess of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that is not adequately countered by the natural defence mechanisms of skin. In dehydrated skin, this self-defence system weakens, which leads to the build-up of "toxins." Healthy and radiant skin is achieved by using moisturising products every day. Moisturisers will also need to counter free radicals, both by preventing free radical formation (antioxidant effect) and by supporting the natural mechanisms of cell detoxification.

BioNike presents the new DEFENCE HYDRA5 range, potentiated with the special DetoxHyal5, a set of ingredients that moisturises skin intensely and strengthens the natural defence mechanisms of skin against daily oxidative stress.

DetoxHyal5 is based on a combination of detoxifying vegetable active ingredients and hyaluronic acid in 5 different molecular forms:

  • Cistus incanus extract
    Known as "pink rock-rose", it is the Mediterranean plant that is richest in polyphenols. With a powerful antioxidant effect, counters both endogenous (triggered by cellular respiration) and exogenous (triggered by UV rays, pollution) free radicals.
  • Gynostemma extract
    Described as the "immortality herb", it is a plant growing in the Far East that has energising and rebalancing properties. Strengthens the barrier function of skin, improving its defences and natural detoxification mechanisims.
  • Hyaluronic acid in 5 different molecular forms
    Available in different molecular weights to ensure strong moisturisation in all epidermis layers - in the surface to counter dehydration and deeper down to restore water reserves of skin.

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