Active 72H Roll On Deodorant

Heavy Perspiration
Controls perspiration, thus the formation of foul smell. Ideal for stressful situations and heavy sweating. Provides deodorizing effectiveness for up to 72 hours. For external use.

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Long lasting

Bottle roll on 50 ml

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aqua (water), triethyl citrate, methylpropanediol, aluminum chlorohydrate, ceteareth-3, myristyl alcohol, parfum (fragrance), zinc PCA, caprylyl glycol, decylene glycol, ceteareth-25, dimethyl phenylbutanol, zeolite, allantoin, sclerotium gum, lactic acid, phenylpropanol.


  • Use for prolonged deodorisation. Also suitable to control heavy perspiration.


Alcoholic base:

the well-balanced water/alcohol ratio favours the rapid drying of the product, thus avoids the “wet-armpit” sensation.

Aluminium chlorohydrate:

antiperspirant, regulates sweat by working superficially at the level of the secretory ducts of the sweat glands.

Triethyl citrate:

counteracts the activity of the bacterial enzymes that are responsible for breaking down sweat, thus actively hindering the formation of foul smell.

Sodium PCA:

physiological component of the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). Helps to keep skin hydrated.


Apply to cleansed and dry armpits.