Lenil Ag Cream For Dermatitis

Symptomatic treatment of contact (irritant and allergic) and seborrhoeic dermatitis, also when there is a risk of superinfection. Synergistic with pharmacological treatment, it is useful to treat eczematous state symptoms typical of dermatitis, also when at risk of impetiginisation. Contains colloidal silver, well known for its antimicrobial properties and excellent skin tolerability. The inclusion of silver allows to control the microbial flora in the product. The anti oxidant action of a patented active ingredient protects skin from cell damage triggered by free radicals that would promote inflammation. Thanks to the combined action of soothing and emollient ingredients, it promotes the rapid restoration of both the balance and the integrity of the epidermal barrier, while reducing redness, burning, and itching.

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CE 0546 Medical Device

30 ml tube

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Lenil Ag Cream For Dermatitis

The product cannot be returned.

Furfuril palmitato, Vitamina PP, Bisabololo. Conservante: argento colloidale. Eccipienti: emulsionanti, acqua deionizzata e filtrata q.b a 100.


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