BioNike believes in sustainable development and is committed to contributing to a better future.

Always driven by the principle of ongoing improvement, we work every day to improve the health of the skin, first of all, but also of the world in which we live. We invest our energy in conscious, responsible, top-quality cultivation of health and beauty, in the belief that every one of us can make a difference for the future of our planet.

Our vision

“BioNike” comes from the Greek Bio=Life and Nike=Victory and carries a great promise: that life will win, overcoming adversity.

We want to keep this important promise in our everyday work, and we are determined to do nothing less than our best to stay one step ahead, as a dermocosmetic and nutraceutical company trusted by our partners, customers and consumers and a reference for our market.

In the belief that excellence is achieved through a process of ongoing improvement, we feel a strong responsibility to do our part to build a future in which protection of the Environment, appreciation of the value of People, celebration of Art, support for Research and development of Society are our essential assets.

We believe it’s true: together, we can build a better future.
For the Skin. For Life.

Our path in 2023

ESG Assessment:
we underwent evaluation of our environmental, social and governance performance. We measured the practices we implement on a day-to-day basis and identified the issues on which we need to focus our commitment. The improvement actions suggested in the ESG Assessment allow us to contribute to specific sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

Stakeholder mapping:
we consider stakeholder mapping a key part of our business processes. In fact, we believe that stakeholders’ involvement in our projects and initiatives is essential, as it allows us to act in a way that prevents potential risks or negative impacts and allows us to define our targets with a greater awareness.

Carbon Footprint for Organisation (CFO):
we have formalised our commitment to combat climate change through analysis and reporting of our environmental impact.
Study of our Carbon Footprint for Organisation will allow us to identify and quantify greenhouse gas emissions in order to come up with a mitigation and compensation plan.

Sustainability Report:
we published our first Sustainability Report, reporting on all the phases in our history, our goals, the initiatives we have undertaken and the ones we have planned.


Download our 2022 Sustainability Report


We are working to improve our overall environmental footprint.
We are guided by the achievement of three major goals: development of eco-packs, use of renewable energy, and reduction of waste.


People are our strength: every day they carry our values forward, contribute to our successes, and participate in the change for a more sustainable future. Listening, involvement, protection, support, enhancement: this is how we focus our commitment on people inside and outside the company.


We have always invested our resources in research, making it our greatest strength.
Our formulations are the result of the ongoing innovation and cutting-edge research conducted in our in-house Research & Development laboratory and our constant collaboration with universities, research Institutes and opinion leaders.