Clinically Proven Efficacy
Based on the special KETOSYSTEM™ complex to work on the unbalancing factors that have diverted the hair follicle from its “ideal” life cycle, and potentiated with vegetable peptides to support the physiological growth of hair. Counters excessive hair shedding and hair thinning problems in both men and women. Hydro-alcoholic, very lightweight lotion with a perfume. KETOSYSTEM™ is the association of 2 patented molecules:Ketotravoprost: has positive effects on hair growth. Furfuryl palmitate: anti-free radical action, counters oxidative stress

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Keto System™

100 ml spray bottle

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INTENSIVE ANTI-HAIR LOSS TREATMENT alcohol denat., aqua (water), PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, propanediol, furfuryl palmitate, pisum sativum peptide (pisum sativum (pea) peptide), lauric acid, parfum (fragrance). ATTIVATORE isopropyl alcohol, ketotravoprost.


  • Countering excessive hair shedding
  • favouring the natural hair re-growth process
  • strengthening hair and give more bounce, both in men and women.



Has positive effects on hair growth.

Furfuryl palmitate

Anti-free radical action, counters oxidative stress.

Vegetable PEPTIDES

Activate stem cells in the hair bulb, favouring trophism and hair growth.


Prepare the lotion as shown in the package insert. DEFENCE KS™ TricoSAFE can be applied on dry scalp or after washing and pat-drying. La dose di 2 ml (pari a 10 erogazioni) è da applicare con l’apposito erogatore, partendo dalle aree maggiormente interessate dal diradamento e proseguendo su tutto il resto della testa. Massaggiare con i polpastrelli per favorire l’assorbimento. Product is neither oily nor sticky and dries up rapidly.