BioNike is the brand of ICIM International, an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in Milan in the 1930s, today the No. 1 in Italy of dermocosmetics in pharmacies and parapharmacies.
Since 2017 BioNike has been part of Sodalis Group, an Italian group leader in the Health, Beauty & Personal Care market.

BioNike is a word that originates from two Greek words:

Bios = life and Nike = victory.

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We have always strongly invested in research and development, and this has become our competitive edge.

We value the people that work with us, their ideas, their research work, the ability to innovate in making our products and to constantly improve them.

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We believe in the value of taking away to get more.

Since 1960 BioNike has been dermatological experience and scientific innovation.

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Our commitment to a Better Future. For our skin. For our life.

BioNike believes in Sustainable Development and is committed to shaping a Better Future.

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